Archaeologist: Egyptian religion forms the roots of Jewish, Christian, Islamic religious tree

Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection

As has been the claim by some for decades and centuries…

In the History Channel video below, an Arab-Egyptian archaeologist inside the pyramid of King Teti (c. 2345-2333 BCE), where early inscriptions of the ancient Egyptian sacred writings called the Pyramid Texts can be found, makes the following remarks:

“Everybody was believing he will stand in front of [the] gods, and he swears, ‘I am [an] honest guy. I didn’t do anything bad to my neighbors. I never polluted the River Nile water. I never looked at my neighbor’s wife… At the end they are weighing his heart, and if he’s a good guy, he will go to paradise. If he’s a bad guy, [he’ll] have to get punished.”

The host comments, “So the same idea of sin existed here in the Egyptian times as it does later in Christian and all the other – “

The archaeologist responds, “I believe that religion is just one tree, and we have many branches – Islam, Christianity, and Jews – so it is a main tree. Here are the roots.”

Host: “King Teti’s body was stolen long ago, but his instructions to heaven remain in perfect condition. These ancient carvings are the oldest known form of religious writings: the Greek myths, the Bible, the Koran – all began here.”

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  1. Mr
    I have been read so much about the origin of Judeo/Christianity and about Egyptology I always was of the opinion that much of Judeo/Cgristianity was based on Egyptology. Isis = the Virgin Mary. Horus = Jesus. The Commandments are a precis of the 42 Negative Confessions in the Book of the Dead.

  2. ancient kemet
    Yes all of the so called monotheistic religions came out of ancient kemet. They borrowed heavily from the egyptian mystery system. Islam, christianity and judaism. Also your so called masons, rosicrucians, greek mythology, etc. Yet these religions often times will not give credit, where it is due. Most of the prophets, apostles and messengers either were sent, or “waxed wise” in ancient kemet or mizraim. So in essence all of your religions came out of north africa when it was populated by nubians, before the romans, hyksos, and greeks. Then you have characters like this Hawass guy denying everything. And also some of these religions make up tales about slaves building the pyramids, when we still cannot duplicate the feat today. The son/sun walking on water came out of so called egypt. The holy trinity came out of egypt. Circumcision came out of egypt. In closing there is so much diss-information put out by the “discovery channel” the “his-story channel” etc. They show you inside the pyramids how the pharoahs or nubians looked back then. Then during their “dramatizations” they show some mulattoe type egytian. So in a not so suttle way they have folks beleiving the original egyptians were mulattoe or the hyksos or some european looking egyptian.

    • I have the same opinion as you do about the his-story channel and diss-covery trying to inform their mainstream audience and depicting everyone as other than Nubian because they’re soo terrified of the backlash and drop in sponsors

    • The Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt, which lasted from 305 BC until 30 BC, was a Hellenistic Dynasty. Cleopatra was not Egyptian, but Greek.

      • Yes, but that was after the Greeks invaded Egypt. They present Egypt as though the greeks were always there

    • The origin of the ancient Egyptians would be native north African populations which are considered Caucasian in character which were soon joined by populations displaced by the desertification of what is now the Sahara desert over 5000 thousand years ago.. who were all attracted to the fertile Nile delta some of which were Black African. which were also joined by near by middle eastern eastern populations like the ancient Hebrews..So they would have been for the most part Caucasian with some Sub Saharan Black African Influence..therefore multi racial …this is clearly demonstrated in ancient Egyptian art which clearly demonstrates a wide range of skin tones, from white Caucasian to the those with clearly very black African characteristics ..wig Fashions were often influenced by black African hair along with the practice of circumcision which is known to have originated in Sub Saharan Africa, and to have become common in ancient Egypt, and then spread to the neighboring middle eastern regions by the Ancient Hebrews..

      • Wow! Kemet origins are white? Not even close to the truth..the origins are black and nubian..I’ve been there twice..after the invasions of whites (hyksos), thousands of years later, is when the light complexion came..the originators are black as tar…iceman inheritance was not on the nile of black genesis or genes of isis aka asset…it will never be peace and truth on this earth if the white continue to corrupt and deceive with lies..Michael bradley said it best..the white race are the descendants of the caveman..

        • Hey Menelik, sorry to burst your bubble but a recent dna study has found that ancient egyptians were related closest to peoples of the fertile cresent (jordan, lebanon, etc.) modern egyptians only share 8% dna with africans, meaning ancient egyptians intermingled even less. this is not to say no sub saharan africans were chilling near the pyramids, but for the most part, it definitely was a semitic neighbourhood

      • You are totally wrong and mis-informed. The original people of Egypt, formerly known as Khemet were of so-called Afrikan origins and were dark pigmented people. Greeks didnt come along for hundred of years later. The caucasian skin or white people who would later invade Egypt in the 16th dynasty were the Hyksos aka Western Asian cananites aka Hebrews. (See Hyksos expulsion). European thievery, deception, and straight out lies have “white-washed truth for centuries and continues to do so today. The truth is its own reward.

        • The DNA of several pharaohs and other ancient Egyptians has been coded. They were not “black Africans.” The Coptic people are the closest thing to ancient Egyptian natives and are related to the Caucasoid peoples of Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. They are less Middle Eastern than Northern African.

          Some genetic studies done on modern Egyptians suggest that most do not have close relations to most Sub Saharan Africans, and other studies show that they are mostly related to other North Africans, and to a lesser extent southern European/Mediterranean and Middle Eastern populations.

          There was, however, the southern or Upper Egyptian kingdom of Kush, where blacks flourished and ruled.

          • Actually that is incorrect…. Rameses III, unknown male mummmy presumed to be his son and all 13 of the Amarha Mummies have all tested Haplogroup E1B1a… which today comprises the majority of sub-saharan africa with a basal frequency in West Africa… interestingly enough it also comprises 75% of the African Americans, AfroBrazileans and AfroCarribeans Ydna and also considered by as “although nit a founding lineage” of modern Jews it was present in the formation of the Ancient Hebrew Isrealites. E haplogroups origin is unknown at thisoment with east africa or asia as its likely origins… this is old news btw

          • It may be “old news,” but what I posted was ostensibly current scholarship, as included on Wikipedia, which is not always accurate but does tend to include the latest information. Have they changed their views?

        • Wikipedia! Really when did they become a viable or reliable source for information..Especially for something of this magnitude. Nubia was the beginning.

          • She is not “relying” on Wikipedia she is merely pointing out the fact that Wiki does provide current scholarship on DNA studies, which does appear to be accurate in this case.

      • Nonsense the clear skin north africans are mulattoes they came into history later.The whole of Africa was black Heroditus and eyewitness gave his account of what the ancient Egyptian looked like so forget the fabricated nonsense. The present day Egyptian s don’t even know sqat about monuments around them.

      • 5000 yrs ago there were no Caucasians in History. History is based on when writing started. Homer was Europe’s writing 8th Century.

    • There are some overlaps and some major differences like Pagnism and monotheism. The Pyramid texts certainly have parallels, even utterance 666 seems to suggest Judah’s betrayal odd number for such. But of most Egyptian writing unless you start placing gods as ambassadors for other entities and also believe in a pantheon, there is very little similar to The Christian Doctrine. Kabbalistic Judaism certainly draws from Thoth and other works of antiquity, Islam the great corrupter of divine truth is like a cereal, mix it all together and whatever fits the ends that Mohammed sought during a time of discord among scholars regarding the true essence of Yeshua. Is Jesus N and the father O.N. It works sometimes it doesn’t other times, and consuming all the other Gods suggest that God changed in form or gained His power. Christians of most sect and Jews alike believe God as never changing and the same in the beginning and the end. Islam of all their blasphemies in the Quran, one note central is Monotheism, this is not Egpytian Dogma. The tablets of Thoth there are certainly parallels to wisdom as a spirit like Solomons theology and other early prophetic writing. I will say there are some mysterious intersections but as a cohesive tree upon which roots bring forth a shoot and the trunk brings forth branches and of that tree fruit is born as in the Book of Life, there are major disparities in belief, and too if Egypt was the home of the Gods or the true depictions of Th e One True Living God, why then are they plagued for their worship of these so called gods, why were they chastised and turned from a plush garden into a desert wasteland. Their worship of the Sun is an abomination that is part of the downfall of the temple in Jerusalem. It is easy to take some sacred texts and see parallels but like conspiracy theories when you take everything in account and don’t discount some and choose others but assess the whole lot, they have tremendous differences some of which The Judeo Christian God clearly has issues. I think Egypt is quite an old civilization, like 100,000’s of yrs older than we think and they have an oral tradition which speaks some truths, but I think there is also a lot of mythological assertion which undoes faith and is pure idolatry, that doesn’t mean I don’t think there were men that were very wise in the earlier historic accounts. The Tablets of Thoth show a tremendous understanding of human conditions and far supersede most natural thought or esoteric belief. Maybe as with the Jews God first had Egyptians as His people, and once they fell into paganism and idol worship he abandoned them for a time, just as he has done according to Christian Dogma. Utterances on the Pyramid walls certainly have messianic texts N. Son of Nut and Osiris N. After receiving the eye of Horus. It would not be a stretch to say Moses was well versed in these prophetic happenings, and He was the first to truly speak of the Messiah to come after Him, Much like Him, but with full authority of God to save all the people of the world, so there are connections…but to call it a tree is an over reach, unless that tree has a bunch of broken branches roots that grow up to the limbs and unless Atum is Adam!

  3. all these horus/Jesus links and assertions that Christ is a copy of something previous are false and has been debunked by various theological academics at high levels. Are we to take the word of “internet conspiracy theorists and sensational american propaganda in “documentary form”” to the contrary? No.

    • Actually, no, the Horus-Jesus parallels have [i]not [/i]been debunked by [i]anyone [/i]at [i]any [/i]level. There have been many efforts to do so, but they have failed, because the debunkers were either ignorant of the subject matter or extremely biased in favor of Christianity.

      Please see, for example, my Rebuttal to Dr. Chris Forbes ([url][/url]). There is much more, including the entire nearly 600 page book Christ in Egypt, linked above. If you had studied the subject, you would have known about all the evidence I provide.

      No one here can be categorized as “internet conspiracy theorists and sensational american propaganda.” The archaeologist in the video is clearly an Arab-Egyptian, not American, while those whom I cite extensively in Christ in Egypt ([url][/url]) are likewise none of what you have smeared them with. My sources are, in fact, thousands of pages of primary sources and the works of highly credentialed scholars in relevant fields and in a variety of languages/cultures.

      • Thank you for providing the evidence behind your statement. I believe when someone debates a subject one should also provide evidence for any statements and claims made. ….mere words are not irrefutable proof lol
        My view is the same as yours and many others, the stories in hieroglyphs on walls and papyrus don’t lie.

    • Egyptian Religion Forms the Roots of . . . .
      The fact that subsequent religions are rooted in Egypt is debunked “by various theological academics at high level” holds little meaning, because it challenges and invalidates their claims. Consulting “theological academics” in regard to this issue is tantamount to consulting bitter sports rivals about which of the two are the better athletes.


      • You do not know what you are talking about. Jesus is the Greek form of Yeshua. Jesus was not called
        Jesus anciently. This is a greek approximation. His name is a hebrew root wood NOT an egyption word.

    • Or are we to take the word of preachers and theologians whom rely on an interpretation that suits them. The fact is that these modern religions did take many devices from history yet Jesus the Essene “the great teacher” did exist yet the story has been embellished by the early church creators. This is widely known and understood in Christian and non Christian scholarly circles.

    • You are really under a strong delusion and obviously have not done your own research or perhaps you are more comfortable in accepting falsehoods. That is a revelation in and of itself. The truth is hidden in plain sight but you like so many other people have been so long under the deception of those who would keep humanity in darkness that it’s quite difficult to even attempt to fathom anything other than what you have been told as gospel truth. But that is exactly what has happened.

  4. As I demonstrate in my book [i]Christ in Egypt[/i] ([url][/url]), this archaeologist is telling the truth, although he is likely not aware of the massive extent to which there most certainly [i]are [/i]parallels between Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the ancient Egyptian religion.

    Here is the Table of Contents for [i]Christ in Egypt[/i], revealing the major parallels between the Egyptian religion and Christianity, for example:

    Horus, Sun of God ([url][/url])
    Horus versus Set ([url][/url])
    Born on December 25th ([url][/url])
    The Virgin Isis-Mery ([url][/url])
    The Star in the East and Three Kings ([url][/url])
    Horus at the Ages of 12 and 30 ([url][/url])
    “Anup the Baptizer” ([url][/url])
    The Twelve Followers ([url][/url])
    Performing Miracles, Walking on Water, Healing the Sick and Raising the Dead ([url][/url])
    “The Truth, the Light and the Good Shepherd”
    Was Horus “Crucified?” ([url][/url])
    Burial for Three Days, Resurrection and Ascension ([url][/url])
    The Alexandrian Roots of Christianity ([url][/url])

    As we can see, there is very little original to Christianity.

    [i]Christ in Egypt[/i] uses thousands of pages of primary sources – e.g., ancient Egyptian writings and artifacts, as well as testimony from antiquity – along with the works of highly credentialed authorities in relevant fields. Indeed, the bibliography is includes over 900 sources.

    More on the subject can be read at the discussion of Christ in Egypt ([url][/url]), some of which is linked above.

    As concerns the apparent polytheism of the Egyptians, the Egyptian religion in reality was a typical sort of “polytheistic monotheism” or “monotheistic polytheism,” as we find within the Indian religion, among others. Within these systems, there is one overarching form of deity with multiple forms, which is little different also from Christianity, with its overarching God, Holy Ghost, Son of God, angels, saints, etc.

  5. Well, duhhh….
    Of course, Judaism, Christianity & Islam are little more than alternate expressions of the Egyptian religion.

    They all adhere to the Egyptian doctrine of a physical raising of a dead body from the grave; that is, the Egyptian doctrine of “resurrection”.

    Isaiah, Daniel, Jesus & Mohammed, on the other hand, did [b]not [/b]teach the Egyptian doctrine of “resurrection”.

    They taught that the Doctrine of “resurrection” is a Doctrine of ‘Rebirth’.

    Which is why, for example, Jesus had to be eliminated; and why tens of thousands of Albigensians were exterminated almost 1200 years later by the Roman church.

  6. Archaeologist: Egyptian religion forms the roots o
    The History Channel always slants history the way tptb want it shown.

    The fact is, that the Ancient Egyptian Religion is NOT the root of the 3 main religions today. There is NOTHING similar, either.

    And the Ancient Egyptians did NOT have our version of “sins”- but Ma’at – Balance, i.e. Balancing the Scales of Justice, i.e. they believed in:

    – Re-Incarnation

    and that

    – Everything was God, animals, Human Beings, plants, earth, air, stones, etc. Also, that there wre Neteru, Beings of a Higher Level.

    So, the Ancient Egyptians were Polytheists, and respected all Creation, therefore, Akhenaton and his monotheism, was foreign to them, and anathema.

    So, in their knowledge that EVERYTHING was Energy and that there was a Great Mind aka THe Great Architect, the Ancient Knowledge of Egypt has come back in:

    Quantum Physics

    • Egyptians were not Polytheist
      The ancient Egyptians worshipped one God, and not many gods. They respected The Creator’s work and they did not worship it.

    • To say ancient Kemit / Egyptian does not no anything about those religion .The first trinity in stone in Kemit the first documented Immaculate conception in stone predates all man mad religion .Ptolemy in early 330 BCE invades and steals religious concepts from Coptic .what i look at is what they cane in with and what they left with.You people were worshiping Serapes at that time .Ps you people invented Zoroastrianism ,Mythraism

    • Odd thing: “Akhenaton” was the first king that called himself “Pharoah.” On one of his images, it is clear he is wearing a mask. His son is said to be “Tut.” The king found with a sword/dagger in his cartouche. This sword has been tested, and found to be of meteoric steel. Curiously, in S.E. Asia, we find a king is sometimes known as “Phra.” Now, please read closely: The Akka Hilltribe of South/S.E. Asia were known as weavers and as blacksmiths. They are aka “Min” or “Mein.” Curiously, the “vizier” Yuya was from AkMin. It is aka “Al-Khemmis.”

      The alchemist. Yuya’s mummy exhibits a scar over his right eye on forehead: it was from a spike driven into it and into his eye, blinding and disfiguring him. The meteor that Tut’s sword was forged from was once stated to be the “Nantan” meteorite, which originated in the “Debris Belt” between Saturn and Jupiter. Made of iron, nickel and chromium, it is almost identical to modern alloy steel.

      “Vichnu” is said to have forged a sword for “Shiva.” Indians pronounce that “Shu.” Shu is the Egyptian “God of the Wind.” One is tempted to say Tut would be “YaShu.” The son of YuYa. Who is actually “Akka Nantan, the Blacksmith. The smithies of Egypt were called “Mes.” A “Mesnui” means “little smithie.” Interestingly, “Agni” is the “God of Fire.” And a “Gani” is the word for “mischievous helpers of Shiva.”
      Agni and Vishnu are depicted as Blue. “Azure.” Now let me reveal what is TRUE: A Gani is an Agni…an anagram. “Shu” is the person responsible for the Bellows of the Hearth. A “mes” (smithie”) needed a “Gani” to assist him forging metal. Egypt is the second oldest known location for the us of Indigo Dye.

      Peru is the oldest. And those red & white striped “temples” found at Caral (Kerala) Peru a few years ago are not “temples” they are hearths. And those “wind tunnels” found on the nearby mountain tops were to direct the wind to the hearths found in the mountain’s “heart.” And that “deer” that “Agni” rides? That is no deer: look closely…that is a Llama. From Peru.

      “Yuya” is actually the Indian king known as “Yayati.” His empire was known as Puru. He had red hair. His kingdom was vast…and in Elephantine, it was called “Kush.” It is the SAME EMPIRE as the “Hindu Kush” which was part of India (Bharat). When he crossed the Hindu Kush into Tibet and Nepal? His red hair, his horrible appearance left a myth behind: Yayati is Yeti. In fact, one of the kings of “Kushan” is called Ye Li Ti. Yeli is the king known as “Kujula Kadphises”: the CATFISH KING.

      Now go look at those “mysterious statues” found in China, very close to where the Nantan meteroite landed. THAT IS YUYA…Yayati…The Ku Jula. On a very old photo of his mummy, found at “thebanproject” website, you will see his neck is freakishly long, he is in a wooden “frame” exactly like images of Buddha in S.E. Asia, with a ROMAN BIRD attached.

      The Ku Jula…Ye Li…Juli…Aquila…He is the one that the mountain in Afghanistan with the huge hoard of Buddhist statues was found “MesAynak”…he is the Mes(smithie) Aynak (Aye Naka…serpent)…the DRAGON IN THE MOUNTAIN.

      The “dragon fire” was the HEARTH. Now think…MesGani…where in America were 5000 year old copper mines found? Michigan..Mich Gani. Next to “Illinois”..Illi Nui…little Illi. The archaeologists tell us the miners of these ancient mines wintereed south in Wisconsin.

      Wiscon is a spelling of Vishnu used in Myanmar. “Sin” is the Moon god. Vishnu is the Sun god. Sun and moon. Sol-o-Mon. Michigan. MesAynak and Caral are but a few of the lost mines of “Solomon”: Yuya.

      “Nefertiti” means “Beautiful Diti.” The Hindu goddess.

      The truth is to be found in the king list of “Kushan” and “Kush.” “Nefertiti” is not her name. Damayanti is. Dama=Princess. Now go look up “Yanti” the famous BEAUTIFUL CHINESE Queen. And note: “Maya” is also in her name…the mother of Buddha.

      Kujula Kadphises was the GRANDFATHER of Kaneshka, the Greek king of the 100s Bc. “Ganesh.” He wore the scalp of an elephant. Yuya is not from “1400 B.C.”

      I will let you mull all these truths over..and leave you with this: “Garuda” is the “Birdman” god that carries Vishnu. In Amenhotep III’s sarcophagus was found the remains of two birds. In his “Golden Horus” title (golden falcon) one finds the word “Gaurude.” Which is an alternate spelling of Garuda. Amenhotep III is none other than Demetrius II….Deme Atrius…Prince Atri. Oh, believe it: I have side by side images…he is wearing the exact same robe that S.E. Asian Buddhists depict Buddha wearing. next to him sits the most beautiful woman ever seen: YanTi….”Nefertiti”…that first married Amenhotep III.

      Tut was YuShu. Hung on a tree. It is in the “Jewish” books. Not a “cross”: a tree. He was also a Buddha…actually it is Butah. Hidden as “Ptah.” But E. Wallace Budge told us Butah…because he knew: this was the land known as “Epi”…the actual name of “Elephants” before the records were altered by the blind vizier of Kalam. the actual name of “Sumeria.” It is documented in a certain book how he “destroyed and profaned the ancient wisdom.”

      In Egypt…he was called “Maya.” Illu. Illu of Sais On. Illusion. His statue sits in the Egyptische Museum in Berlin. “Head Priest” of Lower Egypt..blonde…wearing neck rings and a tattoo of Kheper, the Sun god beetle of Sais. At On, they worshiped the Serpent. Sais-On…ZION.

      Azure…the Blue. L’Azure…Lazarus…raised by YaShu from the dead.
      Lesson one concludes.

  7. re: Archaeologist: Egyptian religion forms the roo
    [quote name=”Bonnie”] The fact is, that the Ancient Egyptian Religion is NOT the root of the 3 main religions today. There is NOTHING similar, either.

    A statement like this makes me wonder whether you know anything about the Egyptian doctrine of “resurrection” (or, for that matter, Judaism, Christianity & Islam).

    It involved the re-constitution and re-animation of a dead physical body; hence, one of the reasons for the practice of mummification.

    The Jews (Pharisees) and, then, the Christians and Muslims directly expropriated this doctrine from the Egyptian religion’s “god of the dead”, simply eliminating the practice of mummification…

    Then claiming that this is what Isaiah (26:19) and Jesus (Luke 20:34-36) meant by their cryptic, metaphorical descriptions of the revelation of the memories of previous lives.

    The Holocaust, by the way, was a direct consequence of such a Satanic Doctrinal perversion.

    • The holy cross is a symbol on Egyptian temples that predate the Christian European birth by over 2000 years. It means peace. Holy Bible…Helios biblios = Sun Book. Testimant comes from testisticle because the Egyptians cut off the penis of liars. that’s why when you’re in court you got one hand up and the other on the bible swearing that you will not tell a lie or your penis will not be cut off. If it did you cannot resurrect. Because you’ll have no erect penis. Even the Pope sits in a canopy with a tall hat holding the hecca. So as the kings of Egypt sat in their canopy with a hecca. Look for yourself. There’s more details that I don’t have time to describe. detailed pictures are on the tune of a Nubian the Egyptian and the hyksos which show there color. Yashua\Jesus was born in a cave in Ethiopia until Constantine changed it to a manger in Bethlehem. Look up the council of Nicene council of Trent. See what they accomplished. Its not hidden or a secret.

        • Very interesting. Please send me info on this topic. You have no idea. How thankful I am. For this

  8. According to the Rosicrucians the Great White Brotherhood was an organization started by Ahkenaton’s Grand Father dedicated to the preservation of science and it’s relationship to certain metaphysical principals that mankind was not yet evolved enough to handle and these were handed down from the survivors of Atlantis. The evidence for Atlantis that has recently bee discovered along with the rumors of vast underground cities with lakes under the great pyramids has this entire region serving as the birth of most of the world’s religions. Supposedly the GWB changed it’s name as it went about the rest of the world setting up libraries to diversify it’s ability to survive the political strife that could destroy the futures ability to access these ancient records and I believe we are soon to have these repositories of ancient knowledgeonce again revealed to the world. Perhaps they have been but the PTB are witholding them because of the controversy they would cause. Cayce predicted a hall of records under the sphyinx would be discovered and there have been intense secret ops in that area to remove objects covertly.

    • Egyptian Religion Forms the Root of . . . .
      Bryan Blackburn, It’s s curious that you relate this, because I have long suspected, without any objective indicators, that those who stocked the Library of Alexandria with the Great Writings have also created one or more storages with copies of the Great Writings which they secretly concealed in obscured caches yet to be discovered — not unlike the situations with the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Texts.
      :cheer: The Great Writings, I am happy to aver, still exist :woohoo:

  9. Christ/Horus
    I love when they try and tie Jesus to December 25th and make correlations. Jesus was born in Sept, Luke goes into detail about it, and you can follow the birth of John the Baptist born to Elizabeth Mary Cousin. Its clear Jesus WAS NOT BORN IN DEC.

    Funny they have the whole world celebrating Satan’s birthday as Christ’s, and we know he likes to mimic everything. 👿

    • The “they” who tied Jesus to the common, pre-Christian winter-solstice celebration were CHRISTIANS themselves, in the second to fourth centuries. If the all-powerful God/Jesus didn’t want them to do that in his/their name, he/they should have stopped it. Certainly, he/they could have set the record straight by now.

      In the meantime, the point is that where one motif has been “borrowed” from pre-Christian religion/mythology, we can be fairly certain that others have been as well. Indeed, the vast amount of data I’ve brought together in my books reveals that much of Christianity is in fact a rehash of earlier pre-Christian, Pagan motifs such as the winter-solstice celebration.

      As concerns Christ’s purported birth date, according to the New Testament John the Baptist is born six months earlier, and St. John’s day has been celebrated on the summer solstice also from the earliest centuries; therefore, once again we have a logical placement of the godman’s birth at the winter solstice. Indeed, the enigmatic phrase at John 3:30 where the Baptist is made to say, “He must increase, and I must decrease,” perfectly explains this phenomenon of the summer and winter suns.

      In consideration of these facts, it would not be unreasonable to suggest that the creators of the Christ myth had in mind the winter solstice birth all along.

      • Egyptian Religion Forms the Root of . . . .
        With regard to religion, it was sometime during my teens that the idea of the “Son” and the “sun” being one and the same had ocurred to me. The idea had not been the result of any reading or research, as I was not interested therein at that part of my life. It was a concept that seemingly ocurred out of the “blue.” Or did it? The Greeks said that we learn nothing but remember things of old.

        At the age of 12, Egypt had become an intensely meaningful symbol for me. Symbolic of what and why, I was unaware. The Sphinx as work of art was always highly appealing to me. As symbol, I since came to realize its inner esoteric intent. The lion’s body, an animal body, is of no difference from that of a human body, for it is the mind and soul which distinguish man from animal. All flesh is flesh. The human head of the Sphinx symbolizes human-ess. Human-ess is rendered forth by mind and soul given power over animal flesh. The head is adorned with the pharonic nemes worn by pharaohs in religious ceremonies. Attached to the front of the nemes are located the serpent (cobra) and the hawk. The cobra represents the spiritual force in its phase as matter (flesh) and primary animating energy thereof. The hawk, symbolic of Horus son of Isis and Osiris, signifies what we of today call “the higher self” — in essence, the Christ self. Christ/Horus, concerning the Sphinx, esoterically indicates a combination of the two lands — upper Egypt and lower Egypt which was esoterica for the combined higher self and the lower mortal being. This is why I’ve always experienced a feeling of the numinous when viewing the symbol of the Sphinx. After millennia, it still communicates its ancient message that of eternity.

    • You are correct. However, December 25th was the conception. If you enter September 21st into a conception calculator you will receive the date December 25th. Boris Romanov who wrote the book “Jesus Christ was born on September 21st 5BC” also knew he was born then and based his findings off the worlds oldest calendar and Zoroastrian religion. When the Bible speaks of Jesus being born of the Virgin it is “Virgo” the month of September. On September 20th of 2017 Jupiter (the King) began to enter the womb of Virgo. On the 21st Jupiter was fully emerged (the conception). The 23rd Jupiter exited the womb. This was a biblical prophecy found in Revelations. It is the conception which counts and the conception which we celebrate, the moment of life and soul.

  10. To “Lynn” from above, I love it when people try to claim Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th and claim another date instead based on no credible evidence whatsoever. Euphoria does not suffice as valid evidence for anything. What’s really funny is that Jewish scholars from around Jerusalem even contend that sheep do forage even in December. It’s fun to watch Christians run away from the Dec 25th date too. LOL, they’re really confused now but, wait until they realize he never existed!!!

    The climate of Palestine is quite mild and in fact sheep are allowed to forage even in December. A passage in the Jewish Mishnah states that some sheep pastured near Bethlehem were destined for sacrifice at the Temple in Jerusalem, and suggests that these flocks lay out in the fields all year around. A rabbinic rule provides that any animal found between Jerusalem and a spot near Bethlehem much be presumed to be a sacrificial victim (Baba Kamma 7:7, Talmud, Baba Kamma 79b-80a). Early Jewish sources suggest that the sheep around Bethlehem were outside year-round.

    So, the argument that Jesus couldn’t have been born in December simply because the sheep were outside is extremely weak as many Jewish historians from Jerusalem themselves argue against.

    John the Baptist and Jesus’ Birthdays ([url][/url])

  11. If it were true
    Just think about this for a moment. If Christianity or Islam or any other religion for instance were based on real events do you really think that after all this time a person like Jesus or Muhammad would have flown down in some way and either corrected this mass confusion or helped their advocates in some way to really clear things up? This says it all. An omnipotent being really doesnt need this theater and drama of the absurd to carry out their directives or mission.. It is all make believe .
    Their is an intelligent force in the universe I can not say I know what it is but by being really honest with myself it may slowly become known instead of making these bogus things up.

  12. Egyptian Roots?
    If Judaism was invented in the sixth century B.C. (as some claim), why did the Jews borrow religious ideas from the Egyptians? Why not borrow from neighboring Semitic people, such as the Philistines, Moabites, Edomites, etc.? Or did they? Were the Egyptians Semites as well, or some other race?

    And why would the Jews use the Egyptian religion as a template, then write a fictitious story about God delivering them from Egyptian slavery? That seems really peculiar.

    Also, Bird said that the climate of Palestine is quite mild. I found some information about Israel at the “Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs” website:

    It says that “Regional conditions vary considerably, with humid summers and mild winters on the coast; dry summers and moderately cold winters in the hill regions (including Jerusalem), hot dry summers and pleasant winters in the Jordan Valley; and year-round semi-desert conditions in the Negev. Weather extremes range from occasional winter snowfall at higher elevations to periodic oppressively hot dry winds, which send temperatures soaring, particularly in spring and autumn.”

    A chart is included which shows that the temperature in Jerusalem (which is about five miles from Bethlehem) for January varies from a low of 43F/6C degrees to a high of 55F/12C degrees. Cold, but not freezing. As to whether or not shepherds kept their flocks out in such weather, I couldn’t say.

    • Jews [i]did [/i]borrow myths from neighboring Semitic tribes as well, including the Canaanites and Babylonians. However, the Egyptians were also [i]very [/i]close neighbors to the Jews, and their culture was just a tad difficult to ignore – indeed, there is an ancient and well-trodden “Horus Road” from Egypt to Judea. Moreover, the area in which the Jews eventually arose was occupied for centuries as an Egyptian outpost, along with temples to Egyptian gods. It seems impossible for the Hebrews/Israelites/Jews NOT to have been influenced by the Egyptians. (The early Hebrews, it should be noted, also appear to have been influenced by Indian mythology as well.)

      The story of the Exodus is also based in Egyptian religion, serving as a template for the Jewish tale. It is not a historical depiction. Also, it would certainly benefit the Israelites to push such a tale, pretending that they had nothing to do with the culture whose myths so patently influenced them.

      Furthermore, it is Christianity in particular that was most influenced by Egyptian myths, as I demonstrate in my book [i]Christ in Egypt[/i], more so than Judaism and Islam.

    • Judaism borrowed from the Sumerians in their Genesis story up to Abraham. After that they used historic events yet these events were embellished as most events when written by a host nation raising that nation to a great status. I am sure many of their prophets existed at least in the oral tradition yet we know how oral traditions go. What the Jews have going for them is the fact that they did not always show themselves after Genesis in a good light by all the stories of God enacted His wrath on them.

  13. Other Scholars
    I’ve often wondered if you are familiar with Mike Magee’s AskWhy! site.
    He has suggested that the, “. . . Persians Created the Jews . . .”, and I find his writing, like yours, very interesting and convincing.
    Also, I’ve hoped (vainly I’m sure!) that the two of you would collaborate on some pertinent and mutually interesting subject.
    Thank you for your intelligence, diligence and spirit.

    • The Persians in particular Zoroaster created the Devil. The Jews had the Satan which was a helper-worker angel doing Gods bidding.

  14. The Egyptian stuff is not the oldest. Ever heard of the Akkadians and Sumerians? “Genesis” in the OT is based on the “Enuma Elish” from Sumer.

    • Actually, there remains a debate as to whether or not the Nile Valley was the site of much culture long prior to the rise of the Sumerian civilization. For example, not only are there very ancient ruins in Egypt such as at Nabta Playa ([url][/url]) that predate Sumerian culture, but it has also been contended in the past few years that Egypt is the site of the oldest form of writing yet discovered ([url][/url]).

      Moreover, many of the Egyptian myths are evidently derived from the older source of the Pygmies of the Ituri Forest in the Congo, a subject I have covered elsewhere ([url][/url]).

      In addition, it is also surmised that one of the oldest forms of organized religion was developed in Southern India ([url][/url]), millennia before Sumerian culture.

      While some parts of Judaism, et al., were evidently derived from the Enuma Elish and Babylonian culture, not all of them are, obviously.

      In the history of comparative religion and mythology, we are not dealing with an “either or” proposition, as there are many influences dating back thousands of years.

  15. Curious as to where the Bibles end times prophecies fit into all this. Did the Egyptians also predict a great falling away from their religion and the rise of an anti-Horus? Or did the Bible steal that from someone else?

    • Yes red, the Egyptians had their own end times prophecies and thousand year reign too. In fact, Revelation borrowed much from it.

      Book of Revelation is Egyptian and Zoroastrian ([url][/url])

      A Brief History of the Apocalypse ([url][/url])

  16. To Clyde Ph.d above
    Clyde Ph.D above!

    I so love your post! I’ll add, Upper and Lower Egypt is symbolically the Human Body. Above and Below the symbolic belt.

    Earth, Water, Air, Fire — I wonder what symbol was affixed to the nose of the sphinx? It may have been as sensual looking as the giants (alias Gods, that once roamed the earth) on Easter Island!

    Actually, I enjoy all the posts above. Various opinions, with no screaming. We all learn from each other….

  17. Hilarious
    This whole debate reminds me when I was 16 and my friend was on LSD. There was nothing I could say or do to get him back down to reality. 😀

    In light of all this irrefutable evidence that we came up with some easy answers to complex questions about the universe thousands of years ago, I find it mind boggling that many still believe these religion myths!! I think we need to concentrate on why the human animal has such a weakness for “blind faith” …

  18. Blind faith
    Probably because most of are earliest experiences as children depend on the blind faith that are parents know what there doing and when you see them follow these relations you are compelled to follow suit rather then expose your parents lack of. Personal judgment

  19. who’s who and who’s what
    the jews came from the tribe that settled in the fertile cresent on the nile that the egyptians had a hard time removing for 500 years until finally a strong egyptian king who could did. go grab your jr. high kid’s history book.

    They do not mention the jews but a real historian will tell you that they used the egyptian religion to keep order in their own kingdom.

    They also figured out how to write a history where they were god’s chosen people for their convience because in their very begining they knew what outcome they wanted.

    what a tangeled web we weave when we first begin to decieve

    no matter how good the liar facts are facts

    there are at least 50 books on this written by eastern scholars, like the east and if it makes you feel any better they belive the egyptians took their religion from the orientals and from India

    • you must be crazy, the Egyptians were way before the Orientals
      or the Indians. Look it up.

  20. loved reading this information. much thanks. I think people in different cultures have needed concrete manifestations and stories; and as we have evolved, now we need more depth of the true power of connection to the world and each other…..example, for one is Dr.
    Emoto’s work in Japan of intention, a person’s energy on changing the physical world

  21. Excellent……even inclusive of “kemet” in the case of noahs son ham..really kham or khem…as in kemet/ opposed to a ham sandwich

  22. Missing the point
    The logical fallacy commited in these types of discussions is that similiarity indicates origin. Yes, many of the ancient religions have a kernel of truth, albeit in a distorted wrapper. Also, I find a very two dimensional view of the Bible. The Bible is a progresisve revelation over 1,500 years (give or take) all pointing to the person of Jesus Christ. It is not a “myth” carved into a stone intended to justify the earthly reign of a certain king. It is the most profound book ever writtend but I can’t convince you, only the Holy Spirit can do that. I know its real and true in my life.

    You can go through these comparitive religion exercises but dwell on these undisputed facts (by most scholars, even liberal)

    Jesus existed, fulfilling numerous prophecies and confirming the validity of the Hebrew scriptures
    Was crucified under Pontius Pilate
    His tomb was found empty
    His followers believed they saw him alive afterwards
    The resulting spread of Christianity was rapid despite persecution
    It changes peoples lives today

    I dare say, no cheap copy of long defunct Egyptian metaphysics would accomplish this.

    • Kurt: “The logical fallacy commited in these types of discussions is that similiarity indicates origin.”

      Your comment is a strawman fallacy as nobody claimed “origin,” and they’ve essentially already proven similarity with credible evidence that actually exists. The origin could go back much further.

      Kurt: “It is not a “myth” carved into a stone intended to justify the earthly reign of a certain king.”

      No, it’s just a myth written in book form. Thankfully ancient writings and hieroglyphs etc. still exist and demonstrate where almost all of the ideas in the bible came from. Jesus, at his supposed crucifixion had a sign that read “King of the Jews,” REMEMBER.

      Kurt: “It is the most profound book ever writtend…”

      Really? Even when much of it was “borrowed” from much older Pagan sources. Shouldn’t they get that credit? Oh right, couldn’t give credit where credit is due ’cause that would be blasphemous.

      Kurt: “I can’t convince you, only the Holy Spirit can do that. I know its real and true in my life.”

      No, my spidey sense tell me that that is your euphoria talking. It FEELS good therefore, it MUST be true – even though there’s not a shred of valid evidence to support it.

      Here’s a thread for you & your liberal scholars:

      Religion and the Ph.D.: A Brief History ([url][/url])

      [quote]”…As for this tiresome business about there being “no scholar” or “no serious scholar” who advocates the Christ Myth theory: Isn’t it obvious that scholarly communities are defined by certain axioms in which grad students are trained, and that they will lose standing in those communities if they depart from those axioms? The existence of an historical Jesus is currently one of those. That should surprise no one, especially with the rightward lurch of the Society for Biblical Literature in recent years. It simply does not matter how many scholars hold a certain opinion…. “

      – Dr. Robert Price, Biblical Scholar with two Ph.D’s[/quote]
      There’s no credible evidence for an NT Jesus let alone his crucified etc. We have no credible records from ANY supposed “followers” or disciples. The writers of the NT simply used the OT as a blueprint. The spread of Christianity probably had more to do with the violent FORCE behind it:

      Pagan Destruction Chronology ([url][/url])

      Kurt: “I dare say, no cheap copy of long defunct Egyptian metaphysics would accomplish this.”

      meh, the Egyptians built the pyramids – something Jews, Christians and muslims have never been able to do. Christians were jealous of the Egyptians so, they wrote a book instead, big deal, since they “borrowed” all the Egyptian religious concepts that are in the book.

    • Egads. That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve read in a long time. More proof that Christ-insanity fries your brain.

  23. The funniness of, “If you don’t believe me, ask me
    I feel so sad for those who use invented and forged books of the Bible to verify the beliefs taught them by those very same books; it is happy for them that they continue believing cultish ideas from what started as a small and insignificant sect when the majority of Christian’s knew Christianity to be an allegory. Those who concern themselves with where did elements of the religion begin, are missing the point of Christianity, the wonderful spiritual message that we can each be spiritually reborn. Stone Age people could do it, and perhaps you can too. Are you as spiritually able as Stone-Age Man? Those who argue the point likely are doing so to remain Adrenalin Junkies by delighting in having something to be angry about, so they can excite their Natural Man. delightful anger is a devilish pastime. Let’s consider letting go of old politically created beliefs put into the Bible, and move on to the Spirit. So what if the Bible contains a lot of politically-created material used during power struggles for religious dominance to gain influence, power, control and financial wealth. Overlook the bad and embrace the good. It is what it is, just like the rest of life . . .it’s not a refuge FROM life. Grow up, let go of your fantasizing. Be big boys and girls and get real. It’s about spirit, Don’t get lost in the details. If you don’t believe me, just ask me; ha. learn to laugh about how we people take ourselves too seriously. The ability to laugh at oneself is a measure of their spirit. TTFN. Maybe try googling T. E. Stretten

  24. To all those that say “if Jesus was real he would
    “Do not worry my truthful followers. For someone will come after my time to remind you all of what I have come to tell you now. When he comes he will make sure everyone everywhere remembers my exact words for they will be corrupted and will be troubled to what is real and what isn’t. But he will show them the truth. Those who believe will know he speaks of truth. Those who listen with covered ears will not believe and will not be saved for they chose not to be saved themselves.” . ‘So do not worry for the time for people to remember is near. Read carefully the book of revelations and you will find that the event is close. But don’t believe others when they say the end will be on a certain date for no one knows when te end of time will come. Only the father knows. Not you, not the son but only the father. I leave you with this and know that I tell the truth. If you decide to believe me you will be blessed by the father. If you decide to ignore me so be it. But I will not judge you or anyone. I simply come here to tell you guys this.’


    • Really? Why are the human images on the walls in the pyramids and the other structures excavated look otherwise? Have you read your history books well and about the rise of Islam and the invasion of North Africa especially in places that bother on the Red Sea? Do you know there are other ancient structures similar to some of the things you have in Egypt in some African countries which the media don’t talk about. Have you heard about the 1200 year old obelisk that was uprooted from Ethiopia by the Mussolini occupying forces in the 1930s and taken to Italy (just returned a few years ago?. Have you seen the remnants of the castle of a lost civilization in present day Zimbabwe. Why did the nose of the sphynx tampered with by the invading forces.

  26. Most of the concepts introduced by Moses can be traced to Egyptian roots. Yet this fact has been suppressed. Historical and archaeological fact have proven that Moses borrowed most of his ideas from the Egyptians.

  27. yes you are missing the point
    OK for one, you’re right that its not a myth “to justify the earthly reign of a certain king”, its a myth written to justify the mass worship and so-called heavenly reign of a false one.

    “Jesus existed, fulfilling numerous prophecies and confirming the validity of the Hebrew scriptures”

    to this i say that yes there is evidence that Jesus existed, and most scholars will agree upon the fact that Jesus was in fact a man that lived relatively close to the timeline the bible lays out, but the Jews never accepted Jesus as the messiah. That is the reason that Judaism and Christianity are two separate religions. to this day followers of Judaism believe that the messiah has yet to come. so your claim that Jesus fulfilled Hebrew prophecies is false according to every person who follows that faith.

    the next problem with this is your assumption that the bible, however true it may be, is more significant than the accomplishments of the Egyptians.
    Shall i list them?
    -the Egyptians practically invented engineering.
    -They made huge advancements in architecture and mathematics which the Greeks later perfected into the base principles of geometry that we still use today.
    -they were the first civilization to make any significant structures with stone instead of mud bricks, and were the only civilization to make structures on such a grand scale as the pyramids until centuries later.
    -They were the first civilization to pursue any kind of military architecture and made the first great forts ever seen.

    and finally, the first known religious texts in the world are recorded in an Egyptian burial tomb, and the Egyptians were very religious people with their entire culture based mostly off of their religious beliefs. so when the people who created the Jewish and christian religions were looking for things to take from other cultures the most likely candidate for them to borrow from would be Egypt considering the huge influence Egyptian religion had on their society. This influence is magnified if you do believe that Moses and the Jews really were in Egypt since living in Egypt as slaves would’ve given them direct daily contact with Egyptian religious practices.

    • “there is evidence that Jesus existed, and most scholars will agree upon the fact that Jesus was in fact a man that lived relatively close to the timeline the bible lays out”

      Actually, no, there isn’t, and the opinions of most scholars are irrelevant, because they haven’t really looked closely at the case for mythicism.

  28. re: re: Archaeologist: Egyptian religion forms the
    [quote name=”Michael Cecil”][quote name=”Bonnie”] The fact is, that the Ancient Egyptian Religion is NOT the root of the 3 main religions today. There is NOTHING similar, either.

    A statement like this makes me wonder whether you know anything about the Egyptian doctrine of "resurrection" (or, for that matter, Judaism, Christianity & Islam).

    It involved the re-constitution and re-animation of a dead physical body; hence, one of the reasons for the practice of mummification.

    The Jews (Pharisees) and, then, the Christians and Muslims directly expropriated this doctrine from the Egyptian religion’s "god of the dead", simply eliminating the practice of mummification…

    Then claiming that this is what Isaiah (26:19) and Jesus (Luke 20:34-36) meant by their cryptic, metaphorical descriptions of the revelation of the memories of previous lives.

    The Holocaust, by the way, was a direct consequence of such a Satanic Doctrinal perversion.

    you sure they cut out the mummification part? during the burial process the person is wrapped in a white shroud that wraps the entire body including the face

  29. u sure they cut out the mummification part? one of the abrahamic faiths today still wraps the entire body with a white shroud during burial ,including the face

  30. Hymn to Osiris
    The Hymn to Osiris in the Egyptian Book of the dead is the most profound and beautiful exaltation of the Supreme King of Kings, Almighty God and Creator who has given all power to his most compassionate, benevolent, loving Son who has conquered death and holds the Key of Eternal Life. The Son sits on the throne of his Father Ra in the same way the Lamb in Revelation 5 stands in the middle of the throne of God Receiving exaltation from beings above our comprehension. The story of Salvation, war in the heavens prior to the creation of earth, the great controversy between good and evil and the final victory of the Son who vindicates the name of his Father!! It’s all there! What a story, what a desire of ages begone and to come. The Sphinx and the great pyramid stand, defying time as great tribute to the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! And as promised one day soon the Don will return through the gateway of Orion. Blessed be the name of YHWH and blessed be his Son Yashu ‘a for ever and ever and ever!! For his name shall be called Yashu’a for he shall save his people from their sins. In the beginning was The Word and the Word was with God and the Word Was GOD. He was with God in the beginning and through him all things were made. Without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life and that life was the light of men. The Word became flesh and mad his dwelling among us. We have see his Glory, the Glory of the One And Only who came from the Father dull of Grace and truth! The Hymn to Osiris adds an abundance of titles of which only the Supreme Lord of Lords is Worthy!

  31. I am a skeptic when it comes to religion becasue when i believed in the ‘almighty’ i got no frustrated (ok i was young then). I was forced to settle for an Almighty that is capable, but who will not answer my prayers because his WIll is not to do what ‘i want’. It is like a ‘loving’ father who allows his viscious dog (satan and other religious bigots) to maul his toddler son even though all He has to do is yank the chain to save him. The blame (when fellow believers are challenged) is, ‘the devil did it, not God’. You have to keep your faith in God (even though He just betrayed it).

    I have never seen so much work done like Archarya has. She is so convincing am losing my skeptical eye when reading her work. I have a few questions about her astrology though. Why did the ancient egyptians settle on the number 12 as opposed to 10 or a simlpler number 3? How did they divide their day (i.e is their noon, the twelveth hour)?
    According to wikipedia, and other ‘neutral’ websites, ‘virtually all scholars agree(..??)’ that a Jesus existed and the only ‘debate’ is the story. When i looked at twelve of the ‘scholars’ they were apologists from various seminaries and theological universities amd sometimes preachers, hardly objective by any stretch of imagination. Even the studies by real scholars tend to shy away from calling a spade a spade. Why is there such great fear in modern academia to challenge established thought, especially when it promotes ignorance and exposes the world to the danger of apocalyptic zealotry? I, a Mr. Ordinary, can see that if a man resurrected and didn’t subsequently die off, he should be still alive! All they have to do is produce a 2000 year old man and i will believe!! Okay…i will take 200!!! But to unashamedly have the character levitate to outer space is a cover up. To expect me to believe that…is insulting my intelligence. Why would a god who endowed me with a pair of brain lobes require me to abdicate my senses and believe such a fairy tale? Why would anyone with a phd worth its weight believe a silly story that even me, a simple mind, can see it for what it is, nonsense?

    • Thanks. I don’t know exactly why the Egyptians or whoever first developed the twelve months and hours of day and night settled on 12. I’ve probably written about it somewhere, and I have seen some data on that subject, but I can’t recall it at the moment. We probably have this discussion on my forum somewhere.

      Those websites are not “neutral” – they are biased and based on no evidence. However, Wikipedia doesn’t necessarily say that there’s a historical Jesus, because there are other articles on that site discussing the Christ myth theory. Wiki is not supposed to endorse biased views either way.

      When these stories are understood in their proper and original context of nature worship, astral mythology and astrotheology they are less “silly” and, indeed, impart the cleverness of our ancestors.

  32. i hope you take it easy, i will respond to you now, but at the beginning i hope you do not just copy what some researchers said before you, and i think you do not have deep information about islam , maybe your , take your knowledge by your own reading about islam not others reading.
    in islam we read in quraan – what it means- that Allaah sent messengers to every nations, so if there is any common things it proove that the origion of the religions is a one religion but people started to add ans remove things<NOW I HOPE YOU READ THESES THINGSDR THEN GIVE ME YOUR OPINION! YOUR OPINION NOT OTHER OPINIONS :
    IN Quraan 28 :@38. Fir'aun (Pharaoh) said: "O chiefs! I know not that you have an ilah (a god) other than me, so kindle for me (a fire), O Haman, to bake (bricks out of) clay, and set up for me a Sarhan (a lofty tower, or palace, etc.) in order that I may look at (or look for) the Ilah (God) of Musa (Moses); and verily, I think that he [Musa (Moses)] is one of the liars.") Haman is mentioned in the Qur'an as the person who directed construction work under the command of the Pharao,This name was not known until the decoding of Egyptian hieroglyphics in the nineteenth century When the hieroglyphics were decoded, it was understood that Haman was a close helper of the Pharaoh and was "the head of the stone quarries.priifs :
    Ranke , page 240 25 . ( BD 1 .R-S ) from :…6-332(r-S).pdf
    and this DZA 21.332.490:

    this origin one from Die aegyptischen Denkmaeler in Miramar page 399…page&q&f=false

  33. The Holy Bible KJV tells us that Father GOD whipped pharaoh’s butt and destroyed Egypt. Does the Egyptian text tell us that? All religions are similar because they came from one Creator – GOD. Christianity is one GOD focused. Egypt’s religion includes a pantheon of gods. You apparently had to have money to be included in the worship program of this religion because you had to purchased your own Book of the Dead, which you needed to guide you thru the afterlife. Your destination was determined after your death. Christian’s destination -heaven or hell – is determined before death. There are many, many things about the two religion which are not similar. We need to explore them, and stop the misinformation campaign. The only thing that is really similar, and applies to all nations – everybody believes in the existence of a god or GOD. And once you fully comprehend that everything else about that – GOD, gods and worship of diety would fall naturally in place. However, the greater knowledge of Him would certainly emerge from Him. And, I suspect He would share that knowledge with all mankind. Now, we can continue to lose out on any true relationship; any true communication with our GOD by being misdirected in our worship, in our thinking by always concentrating on which came first…who said or did what first. We have GOD and all of His information; enough for us to freely enter His kingdom with. If we want to ask a question…maybe we should ask, why would the elite Europeans/Whites so highly promote Egyptian religion? And, why would they who control media, control information and who sought to entirely destroy and disguise Black history… why would they now so highly promote Egyptian and its religion? They promote the religion in the same fashion of which they promote all things perverted. Don’t think for a second they are seeking converts to the saving of your soul. No. Quite the opposite. It is to create confusion, contention, mis-information and misguidance.

  34. Bobbie J. “The Holy Bible KJV tells us that Father GOD whipped pharaoh’s butt and destroyed Egypt. Does the Egyptian text tell us that?”

    No, it does not because the bible is not a history book. If your focus is on those creating confusion, mis-information and lies, you need to look at all the Abrahamic religions (and the rest too).

    “…the stories of the creation, of the flood, of Abraham, of Jacob, of the descent into and the exodus from Egypt, of the career of Moses and the Jews in the desert, of Joshua and his soldiers, of the judges and their clients, are all apocryphal, and were fabricated at a late period of Jewish history.”

    – Did Moses Exist? The Myth of the Israelite Lawgiver, page 9, quote from Dr. Inman.

    The Truth about Judeo-Christianity

    The fact remains that many ancient Egyptian religious concepts were ‘borrowed’ by many religions including Christianity. Christianity is the “misinformation campaign.”

    Bobbie J. “everybody believes in the existence of a god or GOD.”

    No, they do not. The “non-religious” crowd are the largest minority of them all and their numbers are increasing while religious numbers are getting smaller.

    The Great Decline: 61 years of religiosity in one graph, 2013 hits a new low

    The largest minority in America

    “When you consider that God could have commanded anything he wanted–anything!–the Ten [Commandments] have got to rank as one of the great missed moral opportunities of all time. How different history would have been had he clearly and unmistakably forbidden war, tyranny, taking over other people’s countries, slavery, exploitation of workers, cruelty to children, wife-beating, stoning, treating women–or anyone–as chattel or inferior beings.”
    – Katha Pollitt

    “I contend we are both atheists, I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.”
    – Historian, Sir Stephen Henry Roberts 1901-71

  35. What a completely elementary argument. All it takes is a little thought friends.
    What spoken of above are know as the 42 negative confessions. Many use the as an excuse to say that Moses copied the 10 commandments from them. Absurd.

    What is so unique about moral land social law, really. What is so special about not killing or stealing that Moses would have to copy that?

    If you went right now to the deepest part of the Amazon, seen a tribesman and has family and his livestock, go take one and eat it, you will quickly see that his response will not be based on what he read in a Egyptian temple!l lol!!!

    Likewise take his wife and try and drag her of into the woods, how he responds will not be based on his COPYing of any Egyptian myth text! Kill his child and same thing. My point, read Romans 2:14-15!!!!!

    People all over the world have a law in them by nature. Again, why would Moses have to steal and copy something that is pretty much universal moral and social laws.

    Scary, just imagine if you missed the salvation in the risen Christ following up behind such silly arguments based on wanting to reject Jesus so adamantly.

    People exalt Kemet. Wow, did you know that 99 percent were illiterate. The sacred text were not even for the common man! Now we run around here Kemet this and Kemet that. You would have been just as locked out of the fruits of society as you are now, probably would have been stopped from speaking the words of the gods from what I have read. Without Christ you will be lost,but it is lost

  36. Putting theology aside, look at the manners and spirit and tone of many who reject the truth. Anger, pride, self, puffed up on so called knowledge, wanting to be a so called master teachers. Read a book by a deceived man and then regurgitate that false teaching.

    Let those who have eyes see! For He has hidden his treasures from the wise! Lest you become as a child, you will not taste of the fruits that He has prepared for those who love Him.

  37. The one thing that can be said between all religions, no matter which one it is. ……they will all be tied together by the prayer/mediation aspect.
    They all pray or meditate to a higher being or power

  38. According to my understanding, the word Neteru has no Egyptian definition, and modern scholars simply accept that it means God or Gods. Pastor Craig Lyons suggests that if you presume the definition to mean “Attribute of God”, then everything regarding the relationship between Egypt, Christianity and Judaism becomes much more clear and understandable.

    If the Neteru were describing the attributes of God, then perhaps they more closely resemble the Angels of Heaven in Christianity.

    Also, regarding the 10 commandments, My understanding is that they are derived from what is known as Noadic Law.

    Lastly, I think the only story of Jesus that is likely historic is that he was a Rabbi, who preached that the Gentiles could go to heaven if they professed their belief in the “one” god, and follow Noadic Law, a subset of Judaic law. This was not taken well by the other Rabbi’s who insisted that Gentiles not have a pathway to heaven, so had him crucified.

  39. Christianity as a continuance of Egyptian religion is well established, but we should ask WHY the religions of area are so sturdy and so similar. I heard another scholar suggest that all these god myths derive from stories about constellations in relation to the agricultural season. The Christian cross is a reference to the Crux “Southern Cross” which appears on the horizon, perfectly vertical, with the Nile pointing straight to it, on the morning of the Winter solstice. Isis/Mary is a reference to virgo, etc.

  40. Those who control literature controls the people… No need to explain the obvious which ancient kemet was african (kemet decent) because so many will give false info to keep us in dark.. #staywoke