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  1. I really enjoyed the interview
    Great interview, Acharya!

    So much of your personal journey resembles my own, including the early fascination with the Greek myths and the Born Again experience.

    I was thoroughly engrossed in that culture for 20 years, then upon leaving it took me another 10 years to even dare to mention anything detracting from the belief that the Bible is the Inerrant Word of God.

    I had read some of the source material you used when I first came upon your writings, which added more material and backed up what I was discovering.

    Once you see Jesus walk through the Zodiac, you can never “unsee” it again. You are so brave to have written your books. I love you for it!

  2. The background music over rides the talker too much to throughly understand what he is saying. I quit after a few minutes. Why is the music necessary?

  3. Very impressive
    Dear Acharya
    Our late lebanes scholar Kamal Salibi put a similar theory about a conspiracy in Jerusalem. He arrived at the same conclusion concerning the egyptian and canaanian origin of christianity. I hope you take look at his Book ( AConspiracy in Jerusalem) and give us your opinion.

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