Why pick on Israel?

Boycott Israel

I’m not a big cheerleader for Israel, but I had to respond to the following comment by someone on my Yahoo group: “Israel usurped the land from the Palestinians, plain and simple.” And the “Palestinians” (Arabs) usurped it from the previous inhabitants, who were the remnants of Jews, Greeks, Romans, Samaritans, et al. Arabs also […]

America’s best Christian, Mrs. Betty Bowers, tells bedtime Bible stories!

Betty Bowers tells bedtime Bible stories

Hilarious lampooning of the “Good Book” by our best Christian, Mrs. Betty Bowers. America’s Best Christian, Mrs. Betty Bowers, reads her children Bible-based bedtime stories — and realizes that, with all its gratuitous violence and pornography, if God hadn’t written the Bible, Conservative Christians would be trying to keep it OUT of public libraries not […]

Why does CAIR hate Muslim women?

Muslim women and child

The title of this blog is, of course, “tongue in cheek” but it reflects a raging debate over a film called “Honor Diaries” that highlights the abuse of females in Muslim-dominant countries and regions. Of course, the terror-linked Council of American Islamic Relations (“CAIR”) is ranting about “Islamophobia,” the bogus term used to stifle critics […]

Archaeological site of Petra is astronomically aligned, as part of astral religion

Archaeological site at Petra, Jordan

This fabulous site of Petra in Jordan was occupied during the era when Christianity began to be formulated. Contrary to the falsehood that Christianity has nothing to do with astral religion or astrotheology, the religion most assuredly is part of this same millennia-old tradition. Claims otherwise are ignorant and unscientific. Note also that the “Nifty […]

Worship parents or celebrate Valentine’s Day?


The celebration of “Parents Worship Day” evidently started in 2012 as an “alternative” to Valentine’s Day. It was begun apparently to appease the anti-love fanatics and conservative traditionalists in India and other eastern regions who see Valentine’s Day as undermining parental authority, especially as concerns the concept of arranged/forced marriages. What happens if your parents […]

Dr. Price needs our help!


UPDATE (1/30/14): Bob Price is struggling again and could really use some assistance! I see that Bob’s got a funding page here – so far, so good in the past month. That should help! http://www.gofundme.com/5uex70 —– (Originally published on Oct 17, 2012) Bad news about my beloved friend, muse and colleague Dr. Robert M. Price! […]

Blasphemy laws around the world

No free speech for religion critics

Anti-blasphemy legislation still exists in many countries around the world, including those dominated not only by Islam but also by Christianity. You’d be surprised at how many countries have blasphemy laws, even supposedly civilized “Western” nations! Americans, count yourselves lucky to have the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and do NOT take it for […]

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